Monday, November 19, 2012

Party Like A Rockstar...

sooooooo yes, i realize that it is nearly 2 o'clock... PM. i may or may not have gotten out of bed 10 minutes before i was supposed to be at barre class... oops. i can't help it though... i was up very late... partying like a rock star... last night was the opening of the la jolla playhouse's production of "yoshimi battles the pink robots" a brilliant new play that my ah-mazing darling friend chelsea just so happens to be in!!! the show is a musical using all flaming lips music and is about a young girl battling cancer. it is insane!!! we are talking giant pink robots, flying robot battles, and a killer soundtrack. it was so rad. 
the beautiful chelsea. 
 em and chelsea gettin' their cool on. 
two sexy chicks. 
now the after party was so unbelievably fun!! holy bananas. good times. theatre people are the shit. we are talking breakdancing, group choreographed dances, and so much more. we laughed A LOT. wayne coyen the lead singer of the flaming lips was rocking his pink glittery nail polish and quite the get up. he's sexy. i know what you're thinking... but dude he was carrying around his own rose gold incased pink champagne, so sexy. he was really friendly and talked to us for a while and then invited us to an after party of the after party... at someone's house... somewhere... a car was coming to pick them up... we politely declined. 

*if you are in the san diego area, run to the la jolla playhouse to see this show. it will blow your mind*

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  1. that is insane! I can't believe you hung out with wayne coyne! you get all the cool celebrity meet-ups. jealous.



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