Friday, November 16, 2012

purple people eater...


so, it was time for a change. lots going on in my little life. my cutesy blonde ombre was pretty, but it was time for a wintery, bad ass change. so naturally, i dyed it purple. let's be clear. i did none of the "dying" myself. that honor went to my brilliant hair dresser meghan of meghan noel salon in rancho bernardo... if you are in san diego, i highly recommend her. i sent meghan a text telling her of my desire for purple hair... when i didn't here back from her i took it as disapproval, then when the captain responded to my email saying, "like for real or just for halloween?" so i started doubting my genius idea for a purple ombre... but then mr. captain bo emailed me back and said, "you'll look beautiful whatever you do" and then meghan texted me and thought it was an ah-mazing idea... so it was on... and yup. it happened. check out the results below!!!

taa daaaaa! yeah, it's definitely a change. i love it. perfect for the winter. it's dark and shiny and just subtle enough that i don't look like a 14 year old punk rocker. i feel like i have to change my whole wardrobe to work with the hair... i'll use any excuse to go shopping... 


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