Tuesday, November 20, 2012

twihard for life.

from rockstar to super nerd... that's how i roll. i'm a fan of twilight. no secret. i know that it's a hot mess of bad writing and sometimes acting, but it's glorious. it's a brilliant escape especially when i'm missing my dude something fierce. i love twilight. no shame... well, maybe a little shame. for the past 5 years i have gone to four outta five midnight showings and i ALWAYS wear custom made t-shirt. yup. i made it myself. it says,"Jasper Says Relax, oh hale yeah!" if you don't get it, then i'm not explaining it to you. 
breaking dawn: part 2 [midnight - san diego]
jacket, h&m; jeggings & chambray, gap; hat, banana republic
breaking dawn: part 1 [midnight - san diego]
cardi, loft; jeggings, jbrand; burger, vegan effing goodness
eclipse [opening night - milton, fl]
cardi, banana republic
new moon [midnight - atlanta]
jacket, forever21; jeans, gap; boots, matisse

i have no photographic evidence of the first midnight showing because my computer died a sad death taking with it all photos and documents. awesome. i definitely own an external hard drive now. so yes, i'm one dedicated twilight fan. hold your judgement. i know you have a loser guilty pleasure. we all do. 


  1. Ahem. Photo credit on that burger pic, please?

    Only 365 more days until Catching Fire opens!



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