Tuesday, November 27, 2012

who needs meat??

my pretty table!!! 
yes, i realize the perverse connotation the post title evokes... it was purposefully done, but alas this post isn't about my sad sex life, it's instead about how insanely awesome my plant-based thanksgiving tasted. it was not only just wonderful and satisfying it was 100% animal free. and i dig that!!! i was blessed to spend this day with 3 of the most wonderful friends i could ask for. military life blows sometimes, but these girls are my soul. they get me... and they still like me! magic!!!
the beautiful ladies!!!!
shirley and my big baby
vegan beignets anyone?? they were so bloody good...
you can say it!!! that looks good as shit, right?? yummy winter salad, sautéed garlic green beans, garlic mashed potatoes, stuffing, garlic knots, and butternut squash soup. this meal makes me so happy. i still have so many freaking leftovers. 

how did you spend your thanksgiving?? what's your favorite t-day dish?? 


  1. gots to have stuffing. it's not thanksgiving without stuffing!

  2. Wow, I wish I was at your house that day!



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