Thursday, November 15, 2012

writer's block...

so it's been nearly a month since i've last posted on llo and i've got to admit, i've got a serious case of writer's block. the inspiration is just absolutely escaping me. maybe it's the dropping temperatures, the shorter days, the impending holidays... but every time i sit down to write i just stare at a blank screen and end up watching "once upon a time" instead... true story. but what i want to know is what is your favorite thing to read on llo?? outfit posts? recipes? products and makeup?? red carpet reviews?? i'm trying to revamp and really figure out the best way to move forward, so give me all you got folks!! what do you love the most???


  1. Products and Red Carpet Reviews!

  2. you should post about what you love because you'll never run out of ideas :)

    1. good word. good word. now if i could only narrow that down. lol. too much going on in my brain.



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