Monday, February 25, 2013

It's FINALLY here!!!!!

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Mark Twain once said “Write what you know.” I thought about that for a good long while and came to the conclusion that the two things that set my heart aflutter are fashion and food.

I have been in love with fashion since the 9th grade, when I would show up to school early to trade Abercrombie pants with my best friend. I still remember the day I bought my first pair of designer jeans. (Paper Denim + Cloth—remember when that was all the rage?!) I skipped class to go buy them, but come on, fancy jeans or French?! Easy decision. I live for runway shows and fashion magazines, and it really irks me when reporters have to ask which designer a celebrity is wearing. To say the least, I’m OBSESSED with fashion.

 My other love is food. I grew up in a very stereotypical Italian family. My mom, Sandy, is an unbelievable cook, and I always ate well as a kid. I’ve always loved veggies and never met a veggie I didn’t like. Wait. That’s a lie. I loathe okra. My mom taught me to cook when I was pretty young, and I’ve loved being in the kitchen ever since. In college, I became obsessed with dieting and health. I read anything and everything having to do with it. Instead of strictly following one specific diet, I took what I learned to form my own diet. Three years ago, I adopted a plant-based diet, and I’ve never felt better. My diet is awesome, and I want to tell the world about all of the yummy and healthy food I eat.

So let’s get healthy and look fabulous doing it! And remember: skinny is just a side effect!



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