Monday, March 04, 2013

Shut Your Face!!!!

So recently, I’ve been trying to live in the moment, just allowing life to happen, so when my favorite friend Shelly asked me to come spend the day in Los Angeles with her whilst she was in town for Grammy celebrations I couldn’t say no. Adventures. It, of course, rained the entire way because you know it never rains in SoCal... but otherwise it was a great drive to LA, said no-one, EVER, but for Shelly, I would climb a mountain. We started the trip to Kim Snyder’s GlowBio off of Melrose. Glowing green smoothies bitches!!!! Followed by finding I had scored a parking ticket. Seriously LA?? Yeah, you suck. We ran to The Grove and I bought the coolest Rag&Bone pants. Pumped about those. Afterwards we went to the most complicated Target in the world. “City Target” they call it. More like Shity Target... Yes, I went there. It was seriously insane it took us a half hour to find the right parking deck... LA... Not my town. But it was still a blast to just hang with my buddy and talk about life and catch up and laugh. We decided after that disaster of an adventure to go back to the hotel room and chill. I was planning on leaving shortly thereafter, but when her darling dear of a husband, SeƱor Zac Brown, invited me to the exclusive “Music Cares” celebration honoring The Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen, I quickly amended my plans... and I also peed myself a little bit. 
Shelly's look [dress]Alexis [shoes] [jacket] Joie 
Shelly provided me with a sick Robert Rodriguez number... in truth it’s a miracle any of her clothes fit me! Alas shoes were a different story, so I walked, because I refused to drive again, to Macy’s in the bitter cold... yes people, don’t believe the lies, it gets cold as shit in Los Angeles. I was forced to purchase Jessica Simpson shoes... Shame. But dudes, I couldn’t wear flats in the presence of Bruce Springsteen!!! The shoes were actually a hit and shockingly comfortable. Shelly changed... a few times... lol. But ended up going with a fab dress by Alexis. 
[Walking the red carpet, whilest I tried to hide in the bushes...]
[nbd... just The Boss]
Now when I say this thing was crazy. It was crazy. It started off a bit slow with a auction hosted by David Foster, who, as it turns out, is a giant douche, who could barely auction off one of Springsteen’s guitars signed by everyone in the world, but his poor MC skills were forgotten when The Boss took the mic and offered up a free guitar lesson, a ride in his Harley sidecar and his mom’s lasagna... The ending bid was 250,000... Rich people are hella weird. Thank the Lord, the show started. It was hosted by Jon Stewart, who was just brilliant... Then came the performances, oh the performances. Sting. Elton John. Mumford & Sons. Tom Morello. Ben Harper. Natalie Maines. John Legend. Neil Young. EmmeLou Harris. All the performances were amazing, and maybe I’m partial, but Zac singing Rise Up with Mavis Staples was simply breathtaking. It was just one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen/heard/experienced. Bruce Springsteen ended the night with all his coolness. At an after party, I debated going to talk to Sean Penn who looked like he just escaped from prison... I eventually sorta talked... mostly I looked like a total moron... I just really didn’t want him to punch me.
[the creation process]
[top] Custom [pants] Helmut Lang [pumps] Christian Louboutin 
It was a pretty amazing experience and to top it all off ZBB won a Grammy. Shelly wore the most amazing top that she HANDMADE folks!! Seriously. She has the most killer fashion sense and I loved raiding her closet in college and am just waiting for the day she starts her own line!! Get excited!!! She is insanely talented. This piece started off as a dress and ended up this amazingly wonderful peplum top that she paired with killer leather pants and neon pink Louboutins. Obsessed!! 

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  1. Amazing!! So glad you ladies had a fun time. You and Shelly are both beautiful!



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