Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Chef Chloe: The Cutest Person on the Planet

Vegan friendsies are the best, even if they are only part time veggies. Em, Shirk, and I decided to go meet Chloe Coscarelli at a book signing event in La Jolla. She's everyone's favorite vegan chef. Why you ask? Because she is absolutely the cutest, most adorable person I've even seen AND she creates insanely delicious vegan recipes. She rose to fame after winning cupcake wars with (gasp) a vegan cupcake! I adore her. Her recipes are straight up comfort food, not always good on the waistline, but always so freaking yummy. I have no idea how she stays so little! I use her recipes anytime I need to serve non-veg friends and they are always satisfied! I highly recommend her books Chloe's Kitchen and her newest Chloe's Vegan Desserts. 
Chloe was a sweetie and took the time to talk to everyone that was there. She totally appreciated our 100% vegan super bowl party, which included her unbelievable stuffed potato skins. Holy good eats Batman! Side note. I was having a terrible hair night, it was weird and foggy out and it poufed my hair up... I'd forgotten about humidity. Damn you humidity. 
Even if you aren't a veggie, you will totally dig her recipes, it's just plant based goodness! Enjoy

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  1. I just bought both of them on amazon! Can't wait to husband test all these recipes :)



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