Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Bar Method

My dad was a body builder all throughout my childhood. We had photos of Arnold Swartzenager on our fridge. He was always, ALWAYS, trying to get me to go to the gym... I was 15 and weighed 90 pounds why the devil would I go to the gym??? Well around 18 I got these things... these friggin hips and my ass nearly doubled in size... needless to say I was begging my Daddy to buy me a gym membership. I started researching. I tried every kind of workout imaginable. I tried weight lifting, running, kick boxing, spinning, yoga, cheesy 80’s-like aerobics, and so many more... In 2010, I had a trainer for almost 8 months and during that time, I realized that I wanted, nay needed, something different. I was strong and I loved that, but I wasn’t creating the long, lean muscles that I wanted. I wanted to be a super babe. Like Carrie Underwood legs with a Jessica Biel booty paired with Cameron Diaz arms and Jessica Alba abs... Right? That’s all I’m asking for!!! SHHEEESH!!! 
The dreaded Fold Over... it works your glutes like a boss. Excuse my hair... 

Almost exactly a year ago I found The Bar Method. I still remember the first time I’ve walked into the studio. I was amazed when the receptionist, Mimi, said, “You must be Lauren,” I AM LAUREN!! I felt instantly welcomed in an environment that can typically be very intimidating. I had been to another barre class before, so I was sort of familiar with the drill. Or at least I thought I was, once class started I was grossly underprepared for the pain that was brought down upon me!! Ouch. Ouch. Holy Lord. Ouch. The instructor knew my name and called me out when my form went sour, which was often and she had no problem man-handling me into the proper form. And let me tell you, when you do it right your body literally shakes, it’s crazy. I loved it. It took a few weeks, but eventually I got the proper form and quickly realized that this was the most fun and challenging exercise I’ve ever done in my life!!! A year later I still believe that’s true!!!! A year! I never done the same workout for more than a few months and I just celebrated my year anniversary!!! I’ve lost inches in places I didn’t even think it was possible to loose inches. And just last week a friend asked me, "is it possible your ass has gotten even higher??!" My answer. Why, yes. Yes it has!!!! It seriously works, I swear they didn't pay me to say any of this!! Look for a studio near you or if you’re on a budget check out their dvds!!! 

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  1. I couldn't agree more! I am loving my Bar Method classes!



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