Monday, May 20, 2013

Like ya do...

I'm a twirler. I love a good twirling skirt. Always have, but my love of twirling was solidified when the adorable Kathleen Kelly tells Joe Fox about twirling with her mother when she was a child. Don't get it? Then we probably can't be friends. This Madewell skirt is absolutely one of my favorite pieces of clothing. I spent way too much on it and I rarely wear it because it's so pretty... I don't like the risk of ruing my pretty things. Cray, I know. I love the mixture of textures. The sheen of the silk, the soft cotton, and the calf hair booties. Not vegan, I know. Chill out. I hate judge-y vegans. I want to wear this outfit while vacationing in Capri, like ya do. (Phrase stolen from Ginger, Snapped
[tee] Target [skirt] Madewell similar [booties] Shoemint similar [bag] Rebecca Minkoff [belt] Vintage


  1. I completely understand your Kathleen Kelly comment because its my favorite movie!! Karl can't understand why but I'm glad someone else thinks it's a magical movie!! Makes me sad that I gave up my dream to live in the city! And yes, I am completely in love with your skirt and bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils!! Hehe love you!! Lisa K

  2. Aaahh, You've Got Mail...not only great movie but great simple wardrobe!



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