Friday, June 07, 2013

Carb-a-Load breakfast

Being a vegan can prove itself quite a pain in the ass when going out for breakfast which is a shame, but alas, such is life. I've learned to pick and choose side items into a healthy, hearty breakfast. In Jamaica, I added a side of fried plantains, so yummy! What? I was on vacation??? So this is my go to breakfast when eating out, but I love making it at home too!!! It’s the easiest breakfast ever and it is definitely going to keep you full. 

1 package of Simply Potatoes (Any of the cuts will do) 
1 onion, chopped thick
1 avocado, chopped
hot sauce of your choice (I’m partial to Tabasco!)

In a non-stick pan let the onion soften up with a tablespoon or so of water. Sprinkle with bit of salt. Once onion is soft, add the potatoes until they are all browned up and delicious. Throw(okay, don’t literally throw... well, do whatever you want) the avocado on top and finish with a splash of hot sauce. O-M-G. It’s like heaven. Easy, carb filled Heaven!!!

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  1. Yum, I love avocados for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. SO satisfying. And so glad you left me a comment to bring me back to this sweet little space of yours! :)
    Amanda - Once Upon a Recipe



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