Friday, June 14, 2013

Eating My Way Up the California Coast: Part 1, SLO

View from the Spa at The Sycamore Mineral Springs in SLO

So Bo is back! Hooray!!! It seems like he never left, which I think is a good thing, but after not seeing him for 8 months a vacation was greatly needed. Since I spent a good deal of our vacation funds in Jamaica living it up, we decided to drive up the Pacific Coast Highway first stopping in San Luis Obispo for a few nights then up to San Francisco for our leave! It was beautiful. Seriously. This country is amazingly beautiful and it's just so cool to see. We saw so many beautiful things, but the truth is we travel by our stomachs... We love food. A LOT. We ate so well on this trip and I just thought I'd share a little food diary from our vacation! Our first stop was San Luis Obispo and it is definitely a place for vegan and budding pescatarian foodies! 
Potato samosas, (hers) black daal with cauliflower, (his) tandoori spiced prawns 
This place was the suggestion of an adorable store owner in town. It was delish. The food was so simple and so comforting. If you are in the area I definitely suggest this place!!!
The Sweet Julian Sandwich 
A vegan delight. This sandwich was shut your face delicious. The carrots and cucumbers were super thinly sliced using a mandolin and soooo good. Carrots on a sandwich? Who knew?! And they give you a lollipop!!! I was a big fan of this place.
Roasted beets, blurry kale salad, (hers) rutabaga with a citrus mustard glaze with quinoa, kale and roasted cauliflower, (his) veggie burger with house russian dressing, mobier cheese, and grilled onions, and poached pears with coconut cream and a balsamic glaze
Holy YUMMY! This dinner was so much fun, we just ate and ate and ate. Then drank. Then ate some more. I was so happy to have such a fun veggie meal. As a vegan, it's rare to get to have such a complete dining experience. I loved it.
Gluten Free & Vegan Banana Blueberry Muffin
Heaven!!! I could eat this muffin every damn day. So good! I still can't believe that it was vegan AND gluten free!!!!! Magic. They had delicious coffee too! 

Baked tofu, beet, and spinach roll. Cumber, avocado, broccoli, and cashew roll. Yams, avocado, peashoots, marinated shitake mushroom roll. 
We stopped at this joint on our way to San Fran. I've never seen such a massive vegan sushi menu! It was awesome. I wish I could eat their daily. Definitely going to add nuts to my next at home sushi night!

Stay tuned for part 2!!!


  1. Oh my god this is pure foodporn! You're making me hungry:) No need to say I love this post haha:) x Wieteke

  2. Mhmm the food looks indeed heavenly c:
    I'm so hungry right now! Xx

  3. Omg! Made me do hungry.



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