Wednesday, June 05, 2013

[Product Love] Island Necessities

Being in the islands I was reminded of how much humidity sucks. My hair was just a lost cause, but my skin I could control!!!!! When I'm in a hot tropical place the idea of putting on makeup is absolutely repulsive, so I keep my routine to a minimum. I start with my favorite Rhonda Allison sunscreen, I let that soak in for a minute or so then add the most heavenly cream blush on the planet. YSL has made the most perfect cream blush, it's goes on super smoothly and blends flawlessly into skin. I love the limited edition bright baby pink shade. I add my favorite summer highlighter Moon Beam on my cheekbones, corner of my eye, my arch of my brow, the bridge of my nose, and the bow of my lip. Put some Posie Tint stain on my lips and finish with a few coats of my new favorite water resistant mascara. Done and done.  

What are some your favorite warm weather products??


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