Wednesday, June 12, 2013

[Product Love] Marie Veronique Organics

So as we all know I've struggled with acne since I was friggin' 13 years old. I've been dealing with acne for... well, as to keep some shred of dignity, let's just say over half of my life I've dealt with pesky pimples. I've tried everything. I mean everything. Spent countless dollars and sometimes even seen some long term results, but it always seems to come back. Recently I decided that I wanted to clean up my skincare routine as much as I've cleaned up my diet. While on vacation in Mill Valley, a little town outside of San Francisco, I came across a super chic store front called Marie Veronique Organics. I was immediately intrigued. First, I'd never heard of the brand, GASP, impossible but true. Second, it was literally my Christmas wish to find an all natural skin care line... okay, it wasn't my Christmas wish, but alas I was very intrigued. They were, of course, closed. Blast. So I went back to my hotel room and while the Captain looked up random facts about the Golden Gate bridge, I did some research. The product line had rave reviews from Elle, W, and Lucky magazine's beauty editor. I was sold. There was the issue of price which is most definitely not low... It's, in fact, very expensive, but I decided to go into the store and see what they could tell me about the products. The adorable young girl behind the counter began telling me about all of the wonderful things I could expect from the products, when Hillary, the co-founder of the company, came out to talk to me. I was inundated with knowledge while the Captain sat across the store reading lady magazines. I was amazed at how passionate she was about their products. Their treatment line uses oils and natural remedies to help cleanse the skin and help create balance. I was a little nervous to use oils, but she assured me that I just needed to give it time to clear up my congested skin. She explained that the waxes in most facial products are usually to blame for clogged pores and that with most acne products we are destroying the lipid layer of our skin. Sounds complicated... it sort of is. This blog from their site about oils vs creams explains it way better that I do. 
Their store in Mill Valley
Any who, so after a good 30 minutes of chatting and getting the nod of approval from The Captain, I purchased their Acne Relief Kit and at 230 buckaroos it was not cheap, but I feel like I'm making an investment in my skin. I'm so happy to be putting pure, natural products onto my face. I've been using the products for a little over a week and so far I'm very pleased with the texture of my skin. I was even told by a neighbor that I was glowing!! That's the kind of compliment that makes you smile!!! I've had a few zits pop up, but I promised I would wait a full month before freaking out about little breakouts, so that the products can clear the congestion. I will write a follow up in a month to let you know how it's going!!! 

How do you feel about organic, natural skin care? Do you have any favorite lines or products? Have you heard of Marie Veronique Organics? Are you intrigued?? 


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