Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sun-Day Funday

So sunny SoCal is living up to it's name. I haven't seen rain in months... I miss the rain, but I will take the cards I'm handed... So that means pool days!!! I love a good pool day, sitting under an umbrella wearing my SPF 150+++! I think I would look positively adorable in the above outfit. I am lusting after those sunnies!! And nothing completes a pool day like the perfect cockta--- book. Book. Estela over at Weekly Bite suggested this read to me a few months ago and boy-oh-boy is it a mind trip. I mean seriously, SO. WEIRD. In the best possible way of course!!!

What drin---books will you be devouring this summer?? Have you read Where'd you go Bernadette? Thoughts?! Happy Summer!

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